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Visible Value Stream Consulting for DevOps Success in Toronto

Enable value, clarity, and flow WITH OUR COLLABORATIVE MAPPING WORKSHOPS, in as little as 90 minutes

Visible Value Stream Consulting for DevOps Success in Toronto

You're aiming for value delivery nirvana, but do you know what's most affecting your Dev and Ops workflow, right now? Spoiler: It's not that you're missing a tool. You need visibility into what's slowing you down before you can automate your way through it.Improvement needs to start where you are, so it's essential to visualize your current workflow in order to know where and how to invest. This is where The Visible Value Delivery System comes in. You'll get a clear picture of your unique value stream flow, top risks, gaps and opportunities and guidance towards your ideal future state. Ignore the unicorns, best practices and benchmarks. Let's get you improving from where you are right now.

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  • Outcome mapping: Begin with the end in mind, plotting whys, obstacles, experiments, measurements, and methods.

  • Value Stream Mapping: Visualize and measure flow, performance, constraints, quality.

  • Dependency mapping: Organizational, cross-team handoffs and friction points.

  • Capability mapping: Measure key capabilities relating to known constraints to reveal gaps and opportunities.

  • Wardley (Value Chain) mapping: Multiple Value Streams as a network, organization wide.

  • Experiment definition and prioritization: Leveraging all gathered insights, define a clear plan of action and learning.

  • Flow Roadmap: Plot efforts and experiments along 3 time horizons to serve product and technical goals.

  • Insights and Actions Report: See the data, hot spots, insights, and recommendations of what to do, when and how.

Let us guide you to next-level performance

  • Streamline decisions, approvals and process toil

  • Boost buy-in, alignment and engagement

  • Build a culture of sharing, innovation and learning

  • Leverage the latest technology, where you'll see results

  • See results in hours, with no tool lock-in

  • Start seeing improvement instead of friction

Working with Visible

We provide simple, powerful tools, and experienced, proven guidance tailored for large, complex, and complicated software organizations:

  • Value Stream Definition and Optimization

  • Actionable, clear Roadmaps

  • In-depth, Personalized Coaching

  • Value Stream Management Strategy

  • Org Capability + Health Dashboards

  • Team Capability Dashboards

"I've worked here 16 years, this is the first time I've seen our real workflow end-to-end"
- Program Manager, Fortune 100 Healthcare Company

Visible is an expert improvement team led by Steve Pereira

Visible Value Stream Consulting for DevOps Success in Toronto

Find out more about Steve at stevepereira.ca

Steve has been obsessed with process, optimization, and visual learning his whole life. Over his long and varied career in tech he came to realize Value Streams are the key focus to unlock team alignment, velocity, value, and sustainability. Paired with DevOps principles he has created an incredible toolset for continuous improvement.

>2 Decades in Tech:

  • Automation / Scale / Leadership / Compliance / Security

  • 10 years DevOps consulting for Enterprise and Startup teams

Founding SaaS CTO:

  • Statflo (to $12M Series A, $5M ARR, 60 staff and SOC2/ISO)

  • Due diligence for enterprise deals in Telecom, Finance and Retail

  • Salesforce ISV partnership qualification + Accelerator alum

  • Top 10 Great Place to Work 2018


Visible Values

What drives us:

VALUE - Minimal investment for maximum ROI
CLARITY - Discovery, focus, prioritization, measurement
FLOW - Contin-unity, Sustainability, Day 2

THE VISIBLE MISSION: Continuous value delivery for ambitious teams

"I highly recommend Steve for any organization or team who would like to hire his service as a DevOps influencer or DevOps consultant."
Lakshmi - Director of Engineering, Leonardo Worldwide

Full-service guidance and coaching for ambitious teams

Delivering visible success

Visible specializes in elevating team performance with collaborative, clear, and sustainable practices that work incredibly well with agile, improving teams, and even better with struggling siloed teams.Our goal is to move our clients ever higher in the success pyramid towards continuous adaptability, which will provide you agility, responsiveness and velocity beyond anything you've ever seen.We'll take you from Red to Green faster than you ever thought possible, with Flow Engineering

Visible Value Stream Consulting for DevOps Success in Toronto

Defining visible success

Flow Engineering provides not only the map of your current position, but the guidance to arrive at your desired future state, as quickly and effectively as possible. It’s like having Google Maps GPS instructions, for your improvement efforts.

The focus of everything Visible provides is Visible Success. We provide valuable, shareable outcomes from the very first meeting, with a unique emphasis on visibility and your current state. Most partners will rely on possible futures to convince you of an approach, ours is the only one that delivers positive ROI in minutes, hours and days. That focus on visible, immediate and continuous success is the core of what we offer.

The three primary contributions to that success are:

  • **Value Delivered: **Real, valuable improvements for every stakeholder and customer of your organization

  • Increased Alignment: Shared visibility and clarity combined with inclusive engagement and holistic improvement leaves participants feeling more aligned, empowered and energized to collaborate

  • Increased Performance: Waste and toil elimination is one of the immediate benefits of our approach, but as we progress, improvement targeted at your unique and immediate bottlenecks delivers dramatic results

See the flow of Flow Engineering

Steve Pereira, Toronto's DevOps Transformation Expert
Steve Pereira, Toronto's DevOps Transformation Expert

Initial Stream Assessment

Start your improvement effort in the right direction!
- Capture goals and challenges
- Map and define target outcomes
- Assess your value delivery environment with a team health check

Steve Pereira, Toronto's DevOps Transformation Expert

Current State Value Stream Mapping

We work together to build out:
- Both high level and detailed maps
- Digitized Value Streams:
β€” Step illustration
β€” Value Stream Detail: Ownership, Activities, Tooling, Artifacts + more

Steve Pereira, Toronto's DevOps Transformation Expert

Measurement + Analysis

We run the numbers and dig into:
- Baseline metrics
- AVG/MAX Step timing + Lag
- Clear identification of your top 3 challenges/opportunities

Steve Pereira, Toronto's DevOps Transformation Expert

Dependency and Capability Assessment

Get a clear picture of what you need to transform:
- See risky gaps + overwork
- External challenges and roadblocks
- Solve for the most critical aspect of your improvement - your people
- Find out exactly what and where to hire or train

Steve Pereira, Toronto's DevOps Transformation Expert

Future State Value Stream Mapping

We take your baseline and transform it:
- Consolidate ownership
- Eliminate/Automate bottlenecks
- Parallelize tasks

Steve Pereira, Toronto's DevOps Transformation Expert

Future State Delivery Coaching

We coach and guide your iteration towards your goals
- Leverage my lean improvement system and favourite tools
- Regular check-ins insure you keep making progress
- White glove introductions and special rates from my partners
- 20 years of transformation experience - 1 call away

Visibly tackle your unique challenges

Visualize Your Next Win

How many people in your team know how and where you create value?How many could share it with other teams they depend on?When it comes to making improvements, the biggest wins are often where we'd least expect, or dependent on others.


A value stream map draws a clear picture, supported by data, to help you identify and share what's blocking or driving your efforts. Visible works with you to create a clear picture of workflow and timing to target waste and give you confidence to improve where it matters most.


Visible's Value Delivery System is a lean practice incorporating our unique approach to Value Stream Mapping, Capability Mapping and several other incredible techniques for delivering value faster and more effectively. It's specifically tailored to teams struggling through digital and DevOps transformation, but can drive huge improvements in digital and cloud-native businesses as well.


By looking at both the big picture and detail of your value streams, we can identify what's holding you back, and what could make a huge impact on your bottom line. Often teams decide to automate or improve either what feels right or what industry leaders suggest, but your bottlenecks and challenges are unique to you, right now.

The Visible Value Delivery System is the best way to create dramatic improvements in workflow, tailored exactly to your unique set of current challenges.

Find out how your workflow and processes can level you up.


Visible Value Stream Consulting for DevOps Success in Toronto

Reveal your next opportunity, and share it clearly

Visible Value Stream Consulting for DevOps Success in Toronto

Get To Great

Visible Value Stream Consulting for DevOps Success in Toronto

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Visible Value Stream Consulting for DevOps Success in Toronto

What is a Value Stream?

It seems everyone in the Agile, DevOps and Tech scene are talking about Value Streams in 2020, and for good reasons. Business and manufacturing folks have focused on value streams for decades...

Visible Value Stream Consulting for DevOps Success in Toronto

What is a Value Stream Map?

I've always been a visual person, and used flow charts, swim lane diagrams and every other technique to analyze and share information. It's easy to look at a typical diagram and dismiss it as overly simplistic, idealistic or inaccurate...

Visible Value Stream Consulting for DevOps Success in Toronto

How is a Value Stream Map Different?

As DevOps, systems thinking and continuous improvement become more common knowledge, more and more people are looking beyond those foundations to how they can be best applied...

Value Stream Mapping 101

This talk is the Value Stream Mapping 101 you never knew you needed for Software Development. I'll share the who, what, where, why, when, and how of VSM.

Navigate with confidence

Working in software can seem like wandering in the wilderness.
How do you know you're heading in the right direction?

5 Keys of Assessment

With 70% of transformation efforts failing it pays to understand your surroundings, strengths, and gaps before you invest in what's next.

Watch all of Steve's video appearances here

When to map and why

We cover:
- Mapping to prioritize
- How to map
- The 4 Key Maps
- Manufacturing vs Creativity

Optimize with Mapping

On the agenda:
- Why mapping works
- How to get started
- What success looks like
- What it should look like long term

Manage Your Value Streams

We talk about:
- The importance of value stream mapping
- How to get started
- Going beyond VSM 101
- What to look out for along the way

Listen to all of Steve's podcast appearances here

Read, see and watch more about Value Streams and Value Stream Mapping on our Visible Thinking site

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Visible Value Stream Consulting for DevOps Success in Toronto

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